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Artificial Intelligence: The Ethical & Safety Concerns Engineers Need to Consider in their Design

Every year businesses are investing more in artificial intelligence research and development around the world with an estimation reaching $110 billion annually by 2024.  AI is expected to be one of the biggest disruptive technologies of our lifetime by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs for many businesses.  Industries from auto manufacturers to lenders are all […]

Virtual Reality: A Potentially Disruptive Technology in Engineering & Manufacturing

A technology with the potential to disrupt every step in engineering design and manufacturing is Augmented and Virtual Reality.  This tech will bring the human-computer interaction a new generation and have sweeping impact to the production industry with its digitalization.  Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the user’s real-world experience by superimposing a computer-generated image into their […]

The Future of Deep Learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence has evolved substantially over the last decade, especially in the field of deep learning.  Utilizing computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence has huge promise in applications like visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and language translation.  The two main fields in AI are symbolic AI and deep learning.  While […]